Toddlers' Tango Interactive Video Package

Video package includes:
  • Music and dance video
  • 5 instruments/props
  • Lyrics and instructions
  • Toddlers' Tango totebag
Video package comes with instrument sac & props:
  • shaky egg
  • scarf
  • rhythm sticks
  • Marachito - Small Maraca
  • colorful streamer
Toddlers' Tango DVD $24.99 +Tax & Shipping
Toddlers' Tango DVD + CD $34.99 +Tax & Shipping
Toddlers' Tango CD $12.99 +Tax & Shipping
Toddlers' Tango instrument sac $10.00 +Tax & Shipping
Dance Video Songs List (Watch All Video Samples)
  • "Pick Up Sticks" -- The children are invited to pick up the sticks and to play a rhythm. (Sample)
  • "Trot Ole Joe" -- Child can sit on your lap or gallop around. On your lap you bounce the child up and down; when the "Whoa" comes, you and the child lie all the way back.
  • "Jump Jump Jump Nyabinghi" -- Let's get our streamers and see them fly. You can encourage your children to take them high to the sky and then low to the ground.
  • "Chey Chey Koolay" -- In each verse of this chant from Ghana, we learn to touch a different part of our bodies. (Sample)
  • "The Dinosaur March" -- Put on some marching feet, knees up, let's march...
  • "Ten Little Fingers and Toes" -- While singing this song, you can count in English or in any other language you like! (Sample)
  • "Have You Seen My Egg?" -- Go get your egg and shake it. Great -- listen to the rhythm.
  • "The Train Song" -- All aboard! Let's make a track, shake our shiny shaker and toot toot we are off.
  • "Dancing with Scarves" -- This piece allows you to dance freely and move to the sound of the music while playing with your scarf, or you can play creative imagination -- becoming a butterfly. (Sample)
  • "Give a Little Love" -- You can use any instrument you have, and we are going to jam along and create music. Let's hear you play!
Music CD Songs List (Listen All Music Samples)
  • Pick Up Sticks
  • The Dinosaur March
  • Chey Chey Koolay
  • Jump Little Frog
  • Trot Ole Joe
  • Banana
  • Ten Little Fingers and Toes
  • Eureka (sample)
  • Shake Your Tambourine (sample)
  • Have You Seen My Egg?
  • Toothache
  • The Song About Trains
  • Me You & We (sample in English and French)

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